Here's what I need from anyone that is going to order something:

1. Email address that I can send a PayPal invoice to.

2. If you are ordering a physical item: address that item is to be sent to.

3. Item number, if it's a photograph, or item description if it's electronic.

4. If it is a photograph, I need to know size and style of frame.

5. If it's electronic or design work, what are you looking for? Give me a description. If it's a teaser for a book, I need the quote you would like to use. If there is a specific picture you want to use, include that. If it's a book that I have read, you can request me to find a good quote and picture also.

**Any projects I do will have my watermark on it until payment is received through PayPal. Once I receive payment, you will receive the project to use as you wish.**


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