I am working on my portfolio so I will have special pricing for the first few months.

Portraits: $200/photo
Special: $100/photo
Senior Pictures: $300/session
Special: $150/session
Weddings: $1500/4 hour session
Special: $1000/4 hour session
Stock Photos: $200/photo Special: $100
Custom Shoot: $300/one model, $200 each additional model

Nature Photography

Pricing: Sizes are the picture not the frame.


8x10 Light wood frame: $135.00

8x10 Medium wood frame: $155.00

8x10 Dark wood frame: $165.00

8x10 Black frame: $145.00


11x14 Light wood frame: $150.00

11x14 Medium wood frame: $170.00

11x14 Dark wood frame: $180.00

11x14 Black frame: $160.00


12x18 Light wood frame: $165.00

12x18 Medium wood frame: $215.00

12x18 Dark wood frame: $195.00

12x18 Black frame: $175.00


Box of 50 Greeting cards: $60.00



FB Cover photos: $15

Teaser pictures: $15



Promotional Material: $20 per design. All designs are created to fit the product you want. You can either take the design and order on your own, or I will order for you. Price will then include the products and any taxes, shipping, etc.

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